Tourist Attractions

Japan's biggest aquarium KAIYUKAN
KAIYUKAN Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Its theme is partly based on the new Gaia Hypothesis advocated by Dr. James Lovelock.
Giant Ferris Wheel
It is one of the largest ferris wheels in the world with 100m in diameter and 112.5m in height.
Market Place
This commercial facility accommodates dozens of shops, restaurants, and food booths as well as entertainment spaces.
Universal Stadios Japan
this exciting theme park, which brings the magic of movies to life, consists of 9 areas.
Captain Line
It is only a 10-minute ride from KAIYUKAN west wharf to Universal City Port by this high-speed and convenient line.
Osaka Municipal Central Gumnasium
t is five minutes by subway, car
I provide a gymnasium along with a pool proud of the latest facilities to Yahataya Park.
I use it as sports park and a venue of the international level
World Trade Center
It is five minutes by subway, car
Asia and Pacific Trade Center
The international compound facilities which a person, a thing, information crosses from the world town, and exceed it.